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Goat Farming - Problems in Manual Record Keeping

  • Improper Record Keeping
  • Paper Records.
  • Improper Guidance.
  • Time Wastage
  • Manual Errors.

Advantages Of GoatMate Software

  • Maintain and transmit accurate information.
  • From manual records to computerization
  • Up to date live stock and provide basic management reports
  • Complete Animal History -Provides genetic history.
  • Provides legal documentation.
Breeding History

Complete Family and Mating history.

Stock Reports 

At a Glance find out complete details about your stock. – Birth / Death / Purchase / Sales Records.

Health Records 

Maintain Illness, Treatment given to each Animal.

RFID / Barcode 

Use Hi-tech bar code scanners etc to scan each animal.

Food / Diet Analysis

Create your own food plans and monitor them against weight gain.

Weight Analysis 

Maintain Weight charts  / records for each animal.

Wastage Record 

Compare Intake / Manure / wastage to increase profitability.

Insurance records 

Set reminders regarding installments, premium due etc.


Keep Track of all expenses incurred (budget head wise) on farm.

Digital Goat Weighing Scale Interface
Medicine management  

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