Eduepedia (School Management System):-


Greetings from Aarush Systems Pune. I would like to bring to your notice information related to our company and its products. Aarush Systems offers a unique and a highly competitive ERP + CRM + LMS + MIS product to enhance your school. EduEPedia is designed for completely managing your School. The Software ensures better interaction between Students / Parents, Faculty, Administration & Management. It provides seamless interaction between all the above stakeholders, enables smooth administration and management of various teaching, non-teaching and administration activities. The software is easy to install and can be accessed from anywhere on any computer at any time.

Eduepedia software is easy to install and can be accesses from anywhere on any computer at any time. It contains different modules which can be installed as per customer requirement.

Why Aarush Systems?
Value of Working with Aarush Systems offers lot of advantages because we work with the school to solve your problems with an outstanding follow up and our expertise in project management. We streamline the entire standard operating process with customized reports offering huge flexibility for Clients.


  1. Single Customer Record
  2. Ease of Interaction
  3. User Friendly
  4. Works for Everyone
  5. Provide optimum service to students, faculty and parents
  6. Achieve productivity
  7. Comply with new and changing Government and Education Board policies and regulations.

Benefits for Management:

  1. Easy access of all records at one place
  2. Channel to interact with staff, teachers, parents, students.
  3. Saving man hours and increasing productivity
  4. Unhindered, smooth management
  5. Easy access to reports
  6. Getting accurate and timely data
      1. managment

      Benefits for Faculty:

        1. Manage class reports, attendance, performance
        2. Interaction with parents.
        3. Effective planning
        4. Less Admin Work
        5. Continuous assessment


          Parents Right to Know:

          1. Reports & Updates regarding ward
          2. Effective & Timely communication of school activities
          3. Facility for Online Fees Payment or
          4. Challan Generation
          5. Inform parents
            • when their child has been assigned work, or has been taught
            • what is required to be done at home
            • Their obligations & duties towards school / ward / management.
          6. Benefits for Everybody

            1. Savings from phased-out legacy systems
            2. Streamlines Education Processes
            3. Increases Productivity and Efficiency
            4. Big Savings in Person-hours
            5. Increases Revenue
            6. Improves data and process integrity
            7. Enhances operational security
            1. Reinforces accountability and transparency
            2. User Friendly
            3. User Configurable
            4. Accessible from anywhere
            5. Scalable and economical
            6. Stringent security and data privacy
            7. Disaster recovery
            8. Elimination of people-dependent processes
            9. One-time fee

            Modules with EDUEPEDIA

            1. Registration
            2. New Admission
            3. Waiting List
            4. Student Information Tracking
            5. Attendance
            6. Examination
            7. Announcements
            8. Results
            9. Result Analysis
            10. Fees Collection / Payable
            11. Payment Gateway
            12. Bulk SMS
            1. MIS Reports
            2. Printing Institutional Documents – ID Cards / Bonafide / Leaving Certificate
            3. Syllabus Tracking
            4. Transport Payments
            5. Hobbies / Brunch Fees
            6. HR
            7. Purchase
            8. Email
            9. Report Card Generation
            10. Reports according to Age / Caste / Category
            11. Library
            12. Time Table
            13. Hostel